Vaping is still rather new, and many are still discovering the new world of vaping and vapers. There’s so much to explore from all the different types of vaping devices and the endless flavours of e-liquids; let alone getting to grips with the social rules and etiquette of vaping!

We at Marina Vape specialise in providing the best e-liquids around. We manufacture some of the best and most loved flavours of e-liquid in the world. This is our expertise and passion. We are all about quality e-liquid with great flavour, giving our vapers the best vape they can have. We’ve been around in LA since vaping began and we pride ourselves in being part of the new movement that helps the people of the world away from harmful smoking.

 We strive for excellence with an emphasis on developing unique flavour profiles, precise blends and formulas, and meticulous health regulations and guidelines to create the highest quality products.

 We’re bringing the taste of the Marina in L.A. to the U.K. and Europe – to live life in colour. 


 As we focus on E-liquids our products can only be used with vaping devices that are known to have an open system. Open systems simply mean there is a chamber that you the vaper can refill and add e-liquid to. Other types of devices are known as closed systems, these have specific e-liquid refills that are designed only for that device, they are usually referred to as pods or cartridges.


Many vapers tend to move towards vaping devices (tanks) that are open systems, as they provide vapers far more choice and variation. This means you can really personalise your vaping experience. An open system allows the user to have full control over what e-liquid is added. This allows you to choose not only flavour, but whether the e-liquid contains nicotine as well as the PG and VG values which impact the delivery of the vapour as well as the amount of vapour produced also known as a cloud.

So, what are the key things you need to know about e-liquids.  Firstly, there are a few key different types used in open tank systems. 


Short Fills – Short fills are usually zero nicotine. Typically, they are 50ml in a 60 ml bottle. The reason is simple this allows the user to add 10ml of their chosen nicotine strength liquid to their flavour choice. Simply giving the vaper endless options! 


Concentrates – These e-liquids are all about flavour and are key to the PG & VG values.  Normally they have no nicotine but, be careful as some do contain nicotine! The idea of a concentrate is that it allows vapers to mix flavours together and alter the strength of the flavour. A little like a cordial diluted water for drinking. The favour strength depends on the amount of concentrate added and of course you can add different concentrates together to create your own unique e-liquid. Read more here for tips when using concentrates


Salt Nics –  Nicotine Salts or ‘Salt Nics’ seem to be the latest in e-liquids. They have mainly been developed for those interested in nicotine consumption, the experience is far closer to the experience of smoking and therefore it’s suggested it’s a better choice for those who want to switch from smoking to vaping and eventually cut down on the nicotine altogether. They are different from the freebase nicotine experience as they lead to a higher nicotine blood content in a shorter amount of time, trigging the neurochemical reaction faster, much more like a normal cigarette. This is because nicotine salts have the addition of benzoic acid, this simply means that the vaper is able to experience a nicotine strength closer to that of a cigarette with the experience still being a smooth hit on the throat. 


Nic Boosts or Nic Shots – These are exactly as described. An e-liquid that contains nicotine. They are referred to as shot or boosts as they are usually in a 10ml bottle that nicely fits into your short fill. They usually have no flavour profile and are simply the nicotine component of a e-liquid and therefore come in varying strength of mg. A Nic Boost or shot gives the vaper more choice of flavours and then they can choose the nicotine strength they want to add. Marina Vape has our very own Nic Boost of (20mg) that can be added to any one of our Short Fills flavours. 

For more tips, tricks and information about e-liquids do read our blog and our handy FAQs. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for or have a very specific question, please do send us an email or reach our on social media and one of our Marina Managers will be happy to advise.